Creativity and Self Expression

My personal journey as a freelance Librarian really began with cosplay.

Cosplay is derived fromĀ costume play, and it means dressing up as characters from books, movies, manga and comics, animated series, and video games. Often it involves creating a costume from scratch – everything from head to toe is made by the cosplayer.

Using a local library’s makerspace to create my own costumes led to the opportunity to give back to that library in the form of cosplay workshops for its patrons. Cosplay is something that I love not only because it is creative, but because it allows for an extreme form of self expression. I love sharing that form of creative self expression with others, and having the opportunity to do so through libraries is amazing.

I want to share my passion for my own interests with others and help them learn the joys of creativity. Whether its using a sewing machine for the first time, learning to knit, or putting the finishing touches on a costume or a novel, I’ve been through it and succeeded. I hope to have the opportunity to share my experiences and expertise with the communities I’m a part of, and to discover the interests of new communities as well.

I hope that my journey leads me to many new places and people, and that I can teach them all many new and exciting things! So welcome to my new online home – I hope you enjoy your visit!

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